While we work with you on the visual design of your website, we focus on the following 4 major areas:

 Custom Design Framework:

 Basic aspects of your website design that appear on every page of the website such as the header, footer, sidebars, navigation, and call-to-action graphics.

 Homepage Design:

Your website’s entry point that validates your organization to your customers (as well as search engines), provides an overview of current topics, and directs site visitors to important sections of your site.

Responsive Design:

The content and site design will “respond” with minor shifts to the site layout depending on the device screen size being used to view your website. 

Custom Content:

Your site is sure to showcase your products, services, ideas, and events. This custom content is presented in such applications as a Portfolio, Searchable Catalog, Real Estate Listings, Multi-Media Libraries, Blog, Calendar, Staff Directory, etc.



The Custom Design Framework kick-starts the creative process of your project. During this process we’ll identify the basic elements of the website design that will be used throughout the project, such as colors, graphics and fonts. Following an initial discovery phase with your Design Coordinator, two unique interpretations of the design direction will be presented for your review and consideration before any revisions take place or a final concept is approved by you.



Webs Design Concepts and Final Website


Following the Design Framework phase of your project, The Web Solution Pros design team will work hand-in-hand with you to devise a sophisticated, one-of-a-kind homepage design to differentiate you from the competition, validate your organization and serve as a welcoming entry point to your site. Not only will your High-Impact-Homepage direct site visitors to relevant content, but it will also provide you with a high degree of flexibility to update the homepage content as necessary and keep your site fresh.



Using a single set of source code, responsive websites are capable of delivering an optimized display of website content to desktop, mobile and tablets of various sizes. With this improved user experience in mind, The Web Solution Pros will adhere to a set of responsive design principles during both the Custom Design Framework and High-Impact Homepage processes to ensure that your site enjoys the enhanced SEO benefits and associated longevity.



Custom Content Databases can be used to improve both the display of repeatable website content, such as products, projects or properties, and the process of managing that content over time. The Web Solution Pros will work with you to devise a consistent style and organization of such content, which in turn will provide your site visitors with an advanced means of interacting with your website content.